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At least you can say
she's not even close
to being torn

but maybe she'd break
like a glass falling off a stake

and it's too late
too late to go back
or to figure out why

and maybe that's the reason
that sometimes she needs to lie

Because something consistent,
and something real,
are often hard to come by

of all these words,
I would have bided unto you,

tell me this,

what is it you hide behind that smile?

Yet, undeniable

Wish I was,

Midnight Sorrows
When I close my eyes it's you I see 
It's like staying
                        the airplane leave.
It burns,
                    fills my eyes.
My heart
            for a day,
a day
    that you
            never drive away.
Who are we?

We are a string of scars,
and memories burned in our minds.
A recollection of where we've been,
of lips we've met.

We are the choices we've made,
and wrong turns we've taken.

We are the song stuck in our head,
the colors painting our closets.

We are what's hidden beneath our beds,
whats shoved deep in our pockets.

But most of all,
we are who we love,
what lingers in the corners of our minds.

For me,
you are all of this and more.

For us,
we're a collection of the moments we've shared,
the love we've been enveloped in.

And I,
I am a painting of your words,
and every one of your smiles.
Who are we?
I just want to stay here forever, I don't want to close my eyes, I just want to stay here forever.
'Cause I know in the morning you'll be gone, how am I supposed to carry on?
A light in haunting darkness,
A hug in chilling silence.

The rain on the patio,
The steps across my floorboards.

An echo hidden in my wall,
A painting on my heart.

Whispers in the moonlight,
love possessed at noon.

A song on the radio,
A kiss to last days.

You're my song is stillness,
And in the whirlwinds of chaos.

All in all,
You're every cliche ever written.

You make all things possible,
And every feeling last.
I love you more than I did before, and if today I don't see your face, nothings changed, no one could take your place. 


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hi, I'm Angelica. I'm in high school, and sometimes I write.
I know I'm not a great writer, that was never why I put things on Deviantart. Maybe I'll never get any better at it, I don't exactly strive to or even put any time into writing anymore. Honestly, no, I don't put a whole lot of effort into writing poems, songs, stories, etc anyways, I never really did. Because it's not about anyone else, it never was. I couldn't care less about the amount of favorites, views, comments, etc I may get. I don't care if I ever get any attention regrading any of it, I never wrote for watchers, or for people to even like it. It's personal, so personal; dear to my heart. I read my writing and ONLY I know what/who I'm talking about. I've only ever wrote to vent, that's why it's always been so difficult to post it. Not necessarily on Deviantart, but Facebook, or even when it comes to sharing/sending something I wrote with/to the people in my life. I publish something and my family will be like "That's awesome! can I read it?" No. No you may not, do you know how many feelings are in that? Even though you don't know what happened, what inspired that, I do. I know what I'm telling you with those words. I know how it felt, how long it hurt, or how long ago those happy days were. So maybe I'm not talented, in any respect. I see these great artists on my newsfeed, drawings so amazing, and I can hardly draw a decent stick figure. Some of my friends can sing so amazing, I could listen to them all day, I can't get the courage to even try that. Writing is never about being the best to me, that's why I like it. I can't draw something that'll be worth liking or commenting on. I can't sing something so beautifully you'll listen to it in your car or ask me to sing to you. But I write. I am a writer, and I don't need your suggestions on how to improve because I don't care. (not to be harsh, it just doesn't matter if I ever improve) I just want someone to talk to sometimes and y'know what? Notebooks are my best for that sometimes. They'll always listen, never judge, never hurt me. 

And if anyone who bothers reading this thinks I'm complaining, I am not. I'm not jealous of people who are talented, I think that's amazing. Talent is beautiful. I'm not upset because someone criticized me or anything, I'm not lonely right now, I'm not moping. It's not like that at all. I'm merely stating how I see things. A lot of people who will read this probably do not know me in real life, so just know I am not being depressed or something. I'm not going through a particularly difficult time you need to note me about or something. Sometimes I just do this, I talk a lot when people allow me to. Fortunately, Deviantart journals aren't as restricting as tweets. So now you have this lovely page of my thoughts. 
Have a nice day, I know I haven't wrote on here in a long time, (not just in the journal section, but even poem wise) so hopefully this doesn't seem too out of the blue. 
and I'm actually going to hit the submit button, sorry. 
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